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Every Doctor advices to have basic health checkup on regular basis for early identification of likely health risks so that preventative steps can be taken in advance. Our basic health test package includes liver function test, complete hemogram test,blood sugar & calcium test. These tests will help ensure your good health.

Timely screening can help you in avoiding illnesses and with Healthians Healthians Basic Health Checkup you can keep a track of your health in the best way because Healthians is India's leading health test @ home service with more than 20 lac satisfied customers across 140+ cities. The Healthians Basic Health Checkup available in Gurgaon has 39 parameters that give you a clear idea of your health. You can choose Healthians Basic Health Checkup available in Gurgaon or other packages better suited for you to keep your health in check.

  • How to prepare for Medical Checkup?

    "Have a adequate amount of sleep. Avoid oily spicy salty foods. Always chose a light food in dinner. If fasting requires, maintain it for 8-10hrs. Avoid alcohol."

  • What is master Health Checkup?

    A master health check up is the same as a full body health checkuo. In includes tests for major organs and functions in the body.

  • What is regular Health Checkup?

    "A regular health checkup is a standard set of medical tests done to determine your overall health. Usually such a health checkup includes tests for blood sugar, choleterol, kidney, liver function, blood work, thyroid. In case the results for any of the above tests turn out abnormal the doctor may advise further tests."

  • Which Health Checkup is good?

    "Routine health checkups that include tests for cholesterol, blood sugar, kidney, liver, thyroid, lipid profile are generally a good way to get an overall understanding of your health."

Healthians Basic Health Checkup

Brandon H. Morris - January 20,2022

Very good just what you need every important test covered

John Due - January 20,2022

The extractable organics GC/MS work was well documented, the best I have seen from a commercial lab.

Brandon H. Morris - January 20,2022

it was a good value for the money!

Brandon H. Morris - January 20,2022

Very good just what you need every important test covered


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